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Hiring for Event GM! - SKRO Vanilla - 04-21-2017

To those who wish to be a part of the GM Team, please fill in this form below.
Please send your application to SKRO Vanilla or SKRO Jaded in inbox.
Make sure your application is neat and tidy to avoid any questioning.
Good luck to everyone!

GM Application Form

In-Game Name(s): 
Time Zone (GMT): 
Spoken Language(s): 

How experienced are you with Ragnarok?

How long have you been playing on SweetKiss Ragnarok Online?

How well do you know Sweetkiss Ragnarok Online's rules?

Prior GM experience on another RO server: 
How long? 
Which position? 
Any other similar experience?: 

Best part of being GM: 
Worst part of being GM: 
What traits are necessary in a good GM?
Out of these qualities, which do you currently possess?

Hours do you plan to GM per week (include times, preferably with respect to server time or GMT): 

Available times for being an in-game GM (include weekdays and weekends): 

Position applying for (Police, Forum GM, Event GM, Scripter): 

How do you deal with criticism?

How do you deal with errors in your own judgment?

Why do you want to be a GM?

What can you contribute to Sweetkiss as a GM?

What are your expectations as a GM?

What do you need to properly do your job as a GM?

How can you improve yourself?

If chosen, what is the first thing you will do as GM?

Tell us about yourself:

Anything else we should know?